Paper Petition

Please print out the petition and gather signatures.  Saving Graves Petition

Page 1 must remain as first page at all times, so that the petition signatories can read the full description of the petition. Page 2 wording is a summary of page 1, and every page 2 and subsequent page must all have this wording displayed. Do not sign on blank pages, or the backs of these pages (blank), as the signatures will not be counted. One (1) signature is enough to lodge a petition, but obviously, the more signatures, the stronger the petition. The signature is more important than the address. No signature but with address, is not counted ; no address but with signature, is counted. Date is not necessary. Don’t post completed pages onto our Facebook page, as they contain personal details. Mailing address for completed petition’s is Saving Graves South Australia, P.O.Box 433, Modbury North SA 5092.