To check if the grave site of an ancestor or loved one is under threat of reuse look at our Graves Under Threat database.  This is a work in progress and our volunteers are adding more information all the time.

Sadly it is becoming increasingly impossible for those who have laid their ancestor “to rest” in many a South Australian Cemetery to come again to pay their respects, let alone those who come seeking the family connection generations later. South Australia is in the rather unique position of re-cycling/re-using gravesites. The land in which South Australians have been “laid to rest” has always been leased and the original leases were for 99 years. In inner suburban areas this has become very expensive land. In more recent years, if these leases are not renewed on expiry, the gravesite is re-claimed and re-used. A huge problem here is that often the original “lease holder” has also died or moved house. For those descendants trying to keep their ancestor safely buried is made more difficult by the requirements, now in place, to prove the family connection.

WW1 Diggers Whose Graves or Cremation Niches Are Up For Reuse

WW1 Diggers Whose Graves or Cremation Niches Are Up For Reuse

Cemeteries which are currently reusing graves are:

Dudley Park
Centennial Park
North Road Anglican Cemetery
Mitcham Anglican Cemetery
Gawler Anglican Cemetery

Expired Leases Lists